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Olive oil Las Rosas

A healty oil

Olive oil is a food exceptionally rich in oleic acid (omega-9 monounsaturated fatty acids), polyphenols and vitamin E.
This beneficial cocktail has an anti-tumor effect but also has virtues on Alzheimer’s, cardiovascular diseases, hypercholesterol, diabetes, obesity, rheumatism, skin diseases.

Our oil contains 68.16% oleic acid and a high rate of polyphenols with 364 mg / Kg. [Olive oil analysis 2020]

Try the Spanish breakfast, a treat: slice of bread with olive oil, crushed tomato and salt.
Less animal fat, less sugar, more polyphenols.

A high quality olive oil

The acidity of an oil has nothing to do with the acidity of the water, but depends on the state of freshness of the olives at the time of pressing: lower is the rate,  better is the quality of the olive oil.

Extra virgin oil must have an acidity lower than 0.8%, our oil has a very low acidity rate of 0.26% [olive oil analysis 2020].

Ecological production

The olive grove does not receive any chemicals, for fertilization we use horses that graze in the olive grove and compost.

The tractor goes through the olive grove once a year to crush and clean the cut plants, which is compulsory to limit the risk of fire in summer.

The olive fruit fly is a plague because it bites the olives, which lowers the yield and lowers the quality of the oil.

For the fly, we use two solutions:

  • Setting up traps in trees: empty bottles with water and fish waste that attract drowning flies.
  • Spraying clay dust on the trees, the sticky clay on the olives protects them from fly bites.

The finca is 100% ecological, and we are in the process of organic certification (Ecólogico in Spanish).

We are there (google maps), in a preserved natural setting at the foot of the Sierra de Grazalema Natural Park.

If you come to visit Andalusia, come and visit us, we will enjoy having a tour of the finca with you.

Century-old olive trees of the Letchín de Sevilla variety

The name of this variety comes from the whitish color of its pulp which is somewhat reminiscent of milk.

The olive tree is very vigorous, with an open habit and a high density of green, very resistant to frost and drought, and adapts well to unfavorable soils, limestone or high salinity.

It matures early, and it is complex and costly to collect by hand due to the fruit’s strong adhesion to the branches and the resistance. This is the reason why this variety has been in decline for years due to its agronomic limitations, despite the exceptional quality of its oil.

The olive has an average oil content of around 18%.

Lechín extra virgin oil has a fluid, greenish yellow, dense and creamy texture.

Its flavor is barely spicy and bitter, balanced.

A traditional manual harvest

The Letchín olive tree is harvested by hand, because the olives are firmly attached to it!
Harvesting is done with saplings and vibrators to unhook the olives.
Once harvested, the olives go immediately to the mill for washing and pressing the same day.

Oil extraction

The olives are brought to the mill, where they are first stripped by ventilation, washed in water and then weighed.
They then go to the mill where they are shredded, with the kernel to make a sort of olive puree.
The olive puree is then crushed (brewed), to allow the water to mix, to emulsify with the oil.
It is this emulsion which then makes it possible to extract the oil which is separated from the water and the pulps by a centrifuge.
The extracted oil is unfiltered, so naturally cloudy.

The mill then separates the debris from the olive pits and the pulp.
– The remains of olive pits are used as heating fuel.
– The pulp is used for fertilization and is used to generate electricity. Nothing is lost.

Bottling and conservation

Olive oil being sensitive to oxidation, it must be perfectly closed and stored away from UV rays. That’s why we pack our oil in opaque metal cans.

It is less beautiful than a glass bottle, but much more effective in preserving the oil.

The oil should be stored between 14 and 18 degrees.

Unfiltered oil can be kept legally for 1 year, but beyond that the oil can be consumed, but its taste will round off and soften.